Can you promote ClickBank products on Facebook Ads?

A Simple Way to Promote Clickbank Products on Facebook

If you promote ClickBank goods, you'd be mad not to use Facebook for promotion!

If you haven't done so, here is a short and purpose guide to get you started:

You then work on bringing traffic via your ClickBank Hoplink to the merchant's website.

Thankfully, Google's search engine counts Facebook webpages and notes, so your chances of being ranked in the search result listing can assist your promotions of ClickBank products.

1. Write product review posts.

Once you choose your ClickBank product to market, the easiest way to incorporate it into Facebook is through review-style articles.

When I get tired of generating such reviews, I usually outsource these to outsourcing sites such as Elance, freelancer, writer, etc.. ...

You can save yourself money by doing those yourself.

You may have to get the products on your advertising list.

If the product works for you, you may choose to take ownership of the merchandise permanently. You can also request a refund if there is no intention to maintain the item, or in the event, the thing stinks:):/p>

2.Publish the articles on the Facebook note

Whatever testimonials you've finished, publish them all about the Facebook note.


I don't think I could ever say this enough: the articles need to appear professional with eye-catching headlines.

Foster the product on Facebook

Some other examined and proven strategies to Create traffic:

  1. Blog comments
  2. Article advertising
  3. Forum discussion
  4. YouTube Videos...

How To Earn Money with Clickbank Using Facebook Ads 2020

Many men and women know Facebook as a place for connecting with friends and discussing current events. They do not recognize that Facebook can be used as an instrument to generate money and tons of it!

It's possible to make money on Facebook by promoting your services at the Facebook marketplace or discuss your links in groups and pages. This approach does work for many folks, but it is not that effective.

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The most effective way that I have seen is using Facebook ads to market affiliate offers. The supplies can be from any affiliate system, but we will concentrate on Clickbank offers in this post.

I've got a guest today. Her name is Dawn-Marie Nesbitt. Dawn has been earning money with Clickbank by running Facebook advertisements for the past year. She will show us step-by-step the way to make money on Facebook by boosting Clickbank offers.

Paying for Facebook Ads Leads to Quick Money on Clickbank

When you've got no problem investing money into a marketing budget, this blog article is right for you.

There are so many ways that you can earn money on the web.

From building your site with SEO (search engine optimized) contents to completing polls to providing a service to clients.

But nothing works quicker and supplies you with recurring earnings than affiliate marketing using paid visitors. Purchasing ads is the fastest way to get eyes on your blog articles and posts on your affiliate links.

In this blog post, I'm showing you how to make money on Clickbank using Facebook advertising.

When you consider using Facebook as a traffic source, I see affiliates do so to sign up to many Facebook groups and encourage their affiliate links in this category.

You can eliminate this if you are a dedicated member of this team and have provided some value in the kind of helpful content. But, if you haven't built a relationship with its associates, why should they expect your recommendation?

Free traffic resources such as Facebook groups require you to build relationships with their members initially, and building relationships does take some time.

I love to use a procedure to quickly track the relationship-building approach to promote affiliate products on a blog article using Facebook advertising.

Keep reading and get more insights as I break down this affiliate marketing strategy using paid traffic methods.


What Is Clickbank and How Can I Sign Up?

Clickbank is an affiliate network, and it is among the most straightforward platforms to register as an affiliate.

Clickbank's affiliate goods are mostly digital products created by men and women who want to share their wisdom through digital classes.

Clickbank is one of the easiest platforms to sign up for because it is not as strict as other affiliate networks such as MaxBounty or even FlexOffers regarding their needs for affiliates.

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Please be aware that some nations are ineligible to sign up. You need to check to determine if your country is one of them by heading to the Clickbank site.

The article shows you exactly what metrics to consider when choosing affiliate products to promote, how to use those products in your marketing campaigns, and some of the top products to market on Clickbank.

What Type of Products Should You Promote?

If it’s your first time using Clickbank, there are several great products that you can promote.

The good thing about this is that you do not need to purchase any of the products to start promoting, but it would be helpful to know about the product.

By Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

To give you a head start, here are 10 of the best products that I would recommend you to bookmark so you can research them later and potentially promote one, two, or all of them:


2.Manifestation Miracle

3.Lean-Belly Breakthrough

4.Internet JetSet

5.The 2-Week Diet


7.Red Tea Detox

8.Make Men Obsess Over You

9.CB Passive Income

10.The Fat Decimator

I recommend promoting these products because the product owner provides great affiliate tools to help you with your own marketing, and they have excellent conversion rates, making them easily convertible with a cold audience.

I have seen great success in promoting the TedsWoodworking, Numerology, and Manifestation Miracle products in my experience with Facebook Ads. Any advice I give will be based on my experience promoting these products.

Which Kind of Products Should You Boost?

When it's your first time with Clickbank, there are numerous great products that you could promote.

The fantastic thing about this is you don't have to purchase any of these products to begin promoting, but it might help you understand the product.

By Austin Distel on Unsplash

To give you a head start, here are 10 of the top products I would recommend you to bookmark so you can research them afterward and potentially promote you, two, or all of these:

I recommend promoting these products because the item owner offers excellent affiliate programs to help you with your marketing. They have exceptional conversion prices, making them easily convertible with a cold audience.

I've seen great success in boosting the TedsWoodworking, Numerology, and Manifestation Miracle goods in my experience with Facebook Ads. Any advice that I provide will be based on my experience promoting these goods.

How to Gain Trust From a Cold Audience Using a Blog Post.

What's a cold crowd? A cold audience in marketing involves people who don't understand anything about you.

They have never seen one before, and they have never socialized with you.

Always remember, as you go out into the Facebook marketplace, your ads will be put before a cold crowd.

It's then up to you as the advertiser to make that chilly audience warm up to you. There are a couple of ways that I do so.

The first way I do this is with a lead generation funnel. A direct production funnel helps you build a list of subscribers to market any product(s).

Once you have built your funnel, then you can channel those leads to your Clickbank affiliate merchandise.

This is an ideal approach, as it lets you put those leads through an email sequence, cultivate them, and urge not only the Clickbank product but also other applicable products.

The next way I promote Clickbank products to some chilly audience is via a blog post.

The reason this works is it's possible to write helpful content that provides value upfront.

This content can also aim to fix an issue and recommend the Clickbank product to solve the problem.

Just how does this work in reality?

Let us say that you choose to promote the TedsWoodworking undertaking.

TedsWoodworking is an electronic product that helps woodworkers locate any plan they can utilize to build and design a woodwork project.

By Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

With this advice, writing a blog article helps woodworkers overcome creative blocks and find a massive resource for over 16,000 readily accessible woodworking jobs.

Once you have written useful content that guides the reader in overcoming a creative block, you can then recommend TedsWoodworking digital download to solve their problem.


Writing a blog article does three things:

  • It offers valuable content to the reader until you pitch your offer.
  • It generates trust between the reader and your blog.
  • Is this something that you may do?

If yes, I recommend you write your first post and then use my guidelines in the next chapter to send many visitors to that post. Doing this will jumpstart your Clickbank affiliate advertising trip.

Does Facebook allow ClickBank ads?

The only way to use ClickBank and Facebook is to create a piece of content that you own (like a blog post or a landing page) and promote that on the platform.

How do I promote ClickBank on Facebook ads?

How to Run Facebook Ads for ClickBank.
Go to Ads Manager..
Select the 'Create ad' option..
Choose an object eligible for Audience Network..
Pick who you're targeting at the ad set level..
Choose the 'Edit placements' option..
Choose your preferred device type..
Check the ad placement options from the Audience Network menu..

Is affiliate marketing allowed on Facebook ads?

One can use Facebook ads for affiliate marketing purposes by targeting specific audiences and demographics that are likely interested in the product you're promoting (e.g., running shoes) or the service you provide (e.g., web design).

Is it legal to post affiliate links on Facebook?

Yes. Facebook's TOS and Amazon Associate's Terms of Service (TOS) allow you to post affiliate links on your personal profile or your business page. If you use a different affiliate network be sure to check its TOS to ensure that posting your affiliate links on Facebook is okay.