Why cant i tag someone on facebook comment

It happens to me, but only when using Gboard keyboard on Android. Initially, it would be exactly as you described, but they apparently fixed this, as now I am able to hit space bar and the tagging persists.
The bug is still there if, after you tag someone (blue name), you hit backspace deleting the last name of the tagged person, and then space bar.

  • How Does Tag Function Work?
  • How to Tag on Mobile?
  • Tag on Photo
  • I Cannot Tag Friends. What Is the Solution?
  • Conclusion on Tagging on Facebook

You can tag Your Friends in your Facebook photos, videos, status notifications, location sharing, or other sharing. With Facebook’s tagging feature, you can show who’s in an event or photo. Do you know how to tag someone on Facebook? Continue reading if you don’t know. We’ll tell you how to tag someone in both the web and mobile applications.

How Does Tag Function Work?

Tagging is a special type of link. When you tag someone, you create a link in the timeline on the user profile page. The post you tagged can also be added to the person’s timeline. For example, you can tag a status update to tell who you’re doing the photo or to tell who you’re doing something with to show who’s in a photo. If you tag a friend on Facebook in your status update, anyone who sees the update can click on your friend’s name to go to the timeline. You can also show your status update on your friend’s timeline. You can also tag people who aren’t your friends. Facebook allows it.

How to Tag on Mobile?

  • Open the Facebook mobile app
  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Click on “status” in the Facebook application
  • In the “Write Post” window, type the status you want to share and click on the “tag” icon at the bottom
  • In the drop-down menu, select the person or people you want to tag in your status from the friends’ list. Then click the “Done” button at the top right
  • You can share your friends’ or friends’ status by clicking the “share” button at the screen’s top right.

Tag on Photo

Another practical method is to tag the person you want to tag in the status share by typing them after [email protected] sign. For example, I’m at the cinema with @Sarah.

To tag yourself or a friend in a photo:

  • To enlarge the photo, click on it.
  • Click on the tag icon.
  • Click on the person in the photo and start typing his name.
  • When the entire name of the person you want to tag appears, select that name.
  • Click Finish tagging.

I Cannot Tag Friends. What Is the Solution?

If you can’t tag someone you want to tag on Facebook, it’s due to that person’s privacy settings. Because some users do not like this kind of activity and do not want to be in pictures or videos. That’s why the privacy settings may have chosen, “No one can tag me.” If he/she has a choice, you can’t tag! There is no solution to this because privacy is very important to every user. If he-she doesn’t want it, there’s no point in insisting. Leave them alone and enjoy Facebook!

When you tag someone on Facebook in a photo, the Friends of that person can see it, like it, or comment on it. If you tag a photo that wasn’t uploaded by a friend, the person who uploaded the photo needs to approve the tag.


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Additionally, tagging people is a great function for people who wish to network like crazy. The feature lets us revive old fierce moments that we shared with peers and engage with new people to live better moments than ever before. Therefore, it is important to use this feature to its true potential and to have fun.

Conclusion on Tagging on Facebook

In this article, we’ve tried to explain how to tag people on your Facebook posts or photos. Hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions regarding the topic, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Why won't my post let me tag someone?

If you're not able to tag someone, they may have changed who can tag them in their privacy settings. Learn how to tag products in your posts.

How do you tag a person in a comment on Facebook?

How do I mention people, Pages or groups in a post or comment on Facebook? Type the person's name with a capitalized first letter. Select a name from the list that appears. Type "@" and then the Page's or group's name.

Why can't I tag someone on Facebook September 2022?

So, if you can't tag someone, they either have the feature disabled for privacy, or they are not on your friend list.